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Stories about The Educated Pheasant and his Companions.

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The second book in The Educated Pheasant Series

The Educated Pheasant, Rabbit and Mouse are wonderful friends that love to have adventures and explore the countryside.

In this story, they meet Mrs. Prickles and Pheasant discovers there are other ways to learn new things apart from reading his precious books. Their day doesn’t go according to plan, but they help each other through and meet some interesting characters along the way.

Mouse learns that he needs to look before he leaps and Rabbit makes sure his friends have a good night’s sleep.


New Release



This is the first book in The Educated Series

The First book in The Educated Pheasant series is an introduction to the wonderful countryside characters and the adventures they embark on, aimed at 5 years plus.

Meet Pheasant, Rabbit, and Mouse. Three unlikely friends, with different attitudes to life, embark on adventures together.

Enjoy their journey as they learn to cope with a changing world, solving a few of life's problems along the way, displaying courage and friendship.


This classic-style story conveys educational messages in a subliminal way.

It describes the fun antics of countryside characters as they cope with a changing world.

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Limited Edition





The Educated Pheasant's Nature Activity Book

This fun book will keep children entertained whilst they learn about the countryside. It is linked to the first book by The Educated Pheasant.

It will stimulate and inspire their creative minds with fun puzzles, colouring-in, and outdoor searches.

Children will enjoy discovering interesting facts about nature. They will be encouraged to look after the countryside and each other. That is the power of the Educated Pheasant and the knowledge he has gained from all the books he has read.

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